I've been working as a personal impact and presentation skills coach for twenty years.  My clients are global, and as a result my work has taken me all over the world.

Having trained as an actor at LAMDA, I work in dramas and musicals on stage in the West End and all over the country.  I work too in dramas, soap operas and comedies on TV, and I ran a regional theatre for two years, directing a wide variety of plays and drawing out performances from actors.

Turning my attention to coaching has been an excellent move.  Throughout my career I've been fortunate enough to study and partner with some truly great people, and now have the luxury being able to draw from many different disciplines, from my performance training, directing experience, positive psychology and NLP. 

I believe I've developed a way of working with people that can gently and safely challenge their behaviours, and always with their unique goal in mind, encourage them to explore new strategies and practices 

My clients include:

Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, American Express, Tate and Lyle, Crayola and BP. 

I've worked with people who interface with external clients to help them grow relationships and revenue, I've worked on advertising agencies' pitching processes, on conferences (directing the events as well as writing original material), on informal presentations and on large public speeches.

I work with small groups and individuals from all levels, from new hires to senior board members, and across all disciplines.

Being part of a process that helps people develop a greater sense of confidence, authority, impact or even happiness is a privilege, and one that makes me very happy.